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Why Gemstone Certification Is So Important ?

Valley Gems 75A 13th Street Menlo Park Pretoria Offers Certification By GIA Qualified & Certified Gemologist 
The need of gemstone certification originates due to the presence of many fake gemstone dealers who used to dodge customers by selling them colored or synthetic gemstone. Thus, in order to restrict such false practices in future legit gemstone dealers have founded an institute that will particularly research or examine in detail about various aspects of the stones such as color, shape, chemical compositions and treatments.
On the basis of above finding a proper report is prepared which incorporates subtle details of a particular gemstone encompassing its weight, carat, colour, inclusion, treatments, shape, refractive index, beryllium treatment etc.
Hence, a gemstone certification report discloses minute details about a gemstone. Thus, a customer who wants to purchase a gemstone should opt for those dealers who offer gemstone certification along with gemstones.This should always be an independent Gemologist 
A certified gemstone is examined by a trained gem expert who meticulously evaluates or inspects a stone on different parameters to judge the quality of stone. Hence, it is advised to buy a certified gemstone because it is being analysed by a trained gemstone expert thus stone succeeds on the quality parameter.
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